Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers help replace the hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in your body but that is lost as we age. Small quantities are injected into carefully targeted areas to reduce wrinkles, increase lip volume and to give facial features back their fullness.

Quantities needed depend on your age and depth of lines and wrinkles but effects can be achieved gradually to suit your requirements and desired expenditure. We offer a variety of dermal fillers in order to satisfy the client. Please feel free to call to discuss the differences.

If there is a particular product you would like us to use then please ask as we can easily source it for you.

We charge per syringe but if you want more than one area treating from this syringe there will be a small additional charge. 


Balance – for fine lines and wrinkles such as nasolabial (nose to mouth lines) glabellar lines, smokers lines and lip hydration and volumisation

Intense – for deep folds and wrinkles such as deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines and soft tissue volumisation

Volume – the hyaluronic acid filler is designed to replace lost volume. It is injected below the surface of the skin to add volume and improve the definition if facial contours such as lifting and softening the cheekbones. The subtle and general addition of volume works to rejuvinate the appearance of the face, softening the unwanted wrinkles and lines. The product is particularly effective in areas such as:



Healthy young skin contains collagen that gives it volume, flexibility and strength. As part of the ageing process, your own natural collagen breaks down, diminishing facial volume. This loss of elasticity and volume results in wrinkles, facial lines and skin laxity that rob your skin of its youthful appearance.

RADIESSE® is a unique formulation that stimulates the production of new collagen which results in increased volume for natural looking wrinkle correction that may last a year or more in many patients. Treatment is simple, quick, comfortable and convenient, with immediately visible results that last.

Filler Results

Healing Process

Here is a few images before and after, from filler treatment. Any swelling fades very quickly, usually within a few days.